Killerwhale Bentwood Box
James Michels

Outstanding rectangular bentwood box with an original killerwhale design                      Large stunning bentwood box is deeply carved, embossed and hand painted. It features a yellow cedar body with red cedar lid and base, this lends an outstanding organic contrast of both types of cedar against the stunning original design work. This large authentic bentwood box would make an ideal center piece for a fireplace mantle. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of this hand made custom bentwood box.

James Michels
James Michels, born July 29th 1969 in Merrit B.C., is a highly accomplished Cree/Metis artist whose creations are held in high esteem by other artists and feverishly collected by knowledgeable collectors. His bentwood boxes and stunning panels can be regularly viewed in most of the major galleries of Northwest Coast artwork in both Canada and the United States. James Michels is presently working on a large commission of a series of bentwood boxes for the Canadian Government. Last year a series of his bentwood boxes were commissioned for the participants of the 2005 PGA Whistler Golf Skins game. As well, his artwork has been purchased by President Bill Clinton, former Prime Minister Paul Martin and singing legend Joni Mitchell. James is also sought after for his exceptional large carved panels and totem poles.

Killerwhale Bentwood Box
Killerwhale Bentwood Box
Object Origin:
Coast Salish
James Michels
red and yellow cedar
9 x 5 x 6
Bentwood Boxes & Sculptures
$950USD (SOLD)