Museum Human Portrait Mask
Gene Brabant

Tlingit human portrait mask with history attached
Gene Brabant is well known for his work with historical pieces from various museums. We are fortunate to be able to offer this rare mask which Gene has written its history into the back of the mask "This is a study of an old mask carved circa.1775. In the Lisianski Collection, Lenningrad Museum, Russia". Please see back of mask photo.


Gene Brabant
Gene Brabant was born October 16, 1946 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Although he is of Cree descent he grew up within the influence of West Coast people. Gene began carving in 1971. He spent ten years working under Tony Hunt and John Livingston in the arts of the Raven Workshop Program. Gene has learned to work with all the styles of the Northwest Coast culture but prefers to use Kwagiulth and Bella Coola designs. Gene continues to study the old pieces. His attention to detail and his fine painting hand sets his work apart from the ordinary. Gene is a master carver of Northwest Coast Native artwork.

Museum Human Portrait Mask
Museum Human Portrait Mask
Object Origin:
Gene Brabant
red cedar
13 X 8 X 7
Archived Artwork