Haida Eagle Clan Mask
Rufus Collison

Rufus Collison Jr.
Rufus is quickly emerging as one of the most promising young Haida artists working in both wood and original painted designs. Rufus applies his unique talents to mythical Haida legends through the use of his original hand painted designs to the overall face portion of his masks. He finely carves, sculptes and sands each cedar mask to allow for a fluid application of his stunning original design, he is noted for his attention to detail. Rufus Collison Jr. was born at the village of Old Massat on the northern tip of the Queen Charlotte Islands in 1977. He was surrounded by a large community, full of artists and rich in culture until is family moved to Vancouver when he was 14, by which time his artistic talents were already abundantly obvious. After completing high school, he attended the prestigious Emily Carr School of Fine Arts and has since prospered as an artist combining his formal training with his traditional Haida artform.
Haida Eagle Clan Mask
Haida Eagle Clan Mask
Object Origin:
Rufus Collison
red cedar, horse hair
9 x 6 x 6 inches
Archived Artwork