Humanoid Bear Mother Mask
Vern Etzerza

Renowned Tlingit artist vern Etzerza has masterfully created this stunning Humoind Mother Bear mask from red cedar while adorning it with Abalone shell eyes and authentic fur. This stunning masterpiece features the transformational Bear Mother with a cub in each ear while the human ears are still present.

Vern Etzerza

Vern Etzerza was born January 11th, 1953 in Telegraph Creek, British Columbia, to the Wolf Clan of the Tahltan people.In 1982 Vern recieved instruction in Northwest Coast design
from Glen Wood. Soon after this he met Gene Brabant and started carving under his tutelage. As a teacher Gene Brabant placed heavy emphasis on the study of old pieces in all the styles of the Northwest Coast and from this Vern draws the inspiration for his own original work. Vern's other influences include Russell Smith, Stan Hunt, Tony Hunt Jr. and Joe Peters Jr.

Humanoid Bear Mother Mask
Humanoid Bear Mother Mask
Object Origin:
Vern Etzerza
Red Cedar (14.5 x 9 x 6 in.)
Archived Artwork