Haida Eagle Clan Argillite totem pole
Myles Edgars

Haida argillite Eagle Clan totem pole with abalone shell inlay
This wonderful Eagle Clan argillite totem pole was created by master argillite carver Myles Edgars and comes to our gallery directly from a Haida estate along with a number of other beautiful items. This stunning totem was created for, a family member in Old Masset, Haida Gwaii in 2002. 

Myles Edgars
Myles was born in 1958 in Queen Charlotte City on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands, B.C., Canada) to Haida parents Jimmy and Minnie Edgars. He started carving when he was 13 years old, learning how to make his own tools from Richard Yeltatzie, a young Haida carver. Myles was mainly influenced and mentored by his brother in law, Haida Carver Steven Collinson. Myles has always loved the black slate stone called argillite, which is only carved by artists from the Haida Nation. He has lived all his life on Haida Gwaii and has created his own very unique style as an argillite carver, using and interpreting the traditional Haida form line, symbols and myths. Myles’s argillite carvings have touched and inspired collectors as well as native art and jewelry enthusiasts all over the world. To support the growth and evolution of Haida Art, Myles is passing on his skills and experience to the next generation of Haida Argillite Carvers. Myles signs his art either as Myles Edgars or Miles Edgars.

Haida Eagle Clan Argillite totem pole
Haida Eagle Clan Argillite totem pole
Object Origin:
Haida - Old Masset
Myles Edgars
argillite and abalone inlay
4.5 inches
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