Kwakiutl Pugwis mask
Sean Hinton

Rare Mythological Sea Spirit
This rare example of the Pugwis spirit was expertly rendered in 2005. This extra finely carved yellow cedar mask depicts the Kwakiutl Pugwis spirit as he shows himself to the sea faring Kwakiutl fisherman and hunters. In full display with resplendid traditional operculum shells along his forhead and a full sea urchin atop his head. The Pugwis is noted in myth for his large and long front teeth and bulging eyes. Please note that two of the spines from the sea urchin are missing, but can be replaced upon purchase.

Sean Hinton
Born in 1969 in Saskatoon, Canada and is a descendent from the Cherokee Nation. Sean moved to British Columbia and started learning about Salish Culture and carving traditional artefacts. He started working together with Salish artist, Rocky LaRock and Nuu-Chah-Nulth Master Carver Tom Patterson as well as Gene and Jay Brabant. He quickly learnt from his teachers and is featured in many national and international galleries. Today Sean is very involved in Salish Culture and focuses on their traditions and myths, which he interprets in his beautiful carvings.

Kwakiutl Pugwis mask
Kwakiutl Pugwis mask
Object Origin:
Sean Hinton
yellow cedar, operculum shell inlay
16 X 9 X 5 inches
Archived Artwork