Haida Salmon Head Spindle Whorl
Geoff Ross

Outstanding Contemporary Salmon Head Spindle Whorl
Masterfully created contemporary spindle whole featuring Geoff's original Salmon Head design. This spindle whorl, as with all his stunning artwork was created from reclaimed red cedar and adorned with hemp cording and copper inner sleeve. This beautiful piece comes with the stand shown.

Geoff Ross
Geoff Ross was born in Vancouver in 1968 and is a contemporary west coast Canadian sculptor who respects indigenous materials and their tactility. Through his older brother, who was adopted into his family at birth, Geoff became intrigued with the Haida, Coast Salish and other local First Nation’s cultural and artistic traditions. He has been strongly influenced by the meaning and significance certain local materials carry and his work directly reflects this enthusiasm. A previous commercial design career, and further development at Emily Carr Institute and Vancouver Film School, Geoff utilized his passion for the modern and contemporary and combined it with his traditional native art. His artwork is widely recognized for challenging boundaries and is avidly sought after by knowledgeable collectors.

Haida Salmon Head Spindle Whorl
Haida Salmon Head Spindle Whorl
Object Origin:
Geoff Ross
reclaimed red cedar, copper and rope
17 inches in diameter
Bentwood Boxes & Sculptures
$865USD (SOLD)