Tlingit Creation Raven Mask
Randy Stiglitz

Rare Creation Raven Legend Mask
Beautifully interpreted legend, this stunning Raven holds the Sun at the tip of its beak. The legend is as follows. In the beginning the earth was dark. Raven stole the light from an old man and released it upon the earth. With the piece of light left, Eagle chased the Raven causing him to drop it, exploding it upon the earth, therefore creating the stars".

Randy Stiglitz
Randy is widely regarded as an one of a handful of elite Coast Salish artists and his artwork is in the highest demand by top galleries throughtout North America. Randy has the unique ability to find the spirit within a raw block of alder and bring it to dramatic life, he says "each piece of wood whispers to me what it will become".  Randy Stiglitz is a native of Vancouver, British Columbia. He was born of Salish and Cree descent on August 17, 1953. Through his interest in the Native arts, he moved to the Capilano Indian reservation at the age of seventeen. After spending five years there, he moved to Victoria, British Columbia where he worked under the direction of master carver Gene Brabant. He continues to explore the carving traditions of both Salish, Kwakiutl and Tlingit cultures. His work is widely shown at major galleries throughout North America and can be easily viewed online by doing a simple google search of his name.

Tlingit Creation Raven Mask
Tlingit Creation Raven Mask
Object Origin:
Coast Salish/Cree
Randy Stiglitz
alder wood, cedar bark braiding and hair
13 x 9 x 9 in.
Archived Artwork