Sea Monster Mask
Rupert Scow

Kwakiutl Sea Monster mask
Quintessential Scow family design is proudly on display in this intricate mask by Rupert. From the mesmerizing eyes to the distinctive tight design work, this mask embodies the spirit of the legendary Sea Monster. His artwork has been quickly gaining recognition across the continent from galleries and their clients. 

Rupert Scow

Rupert Scow is an internationally known master Kwakwa'wakw carving artist from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Rupert and Barry are the most prominent contemporary artists from the famous Scow family. His Great grandfather Chief Joseph Scow was a renowned canoe carver from Gilford Island from where his family originates. Rupert was born in Alert Bay on August 4, 1957. He has 5 brothers that are also carvers, Barry, Alfred, Raymond, Leonard and Brian. He began carving in 1985 in Alert Bay under the tutelage of Wayne Alfred and Beau Dick. He works mainly in wood, using traditional images and family crests painted in bold colours. He is widely commissioned to create large impressive transformation masks, totem poles and other elaborate pieces. His work is sought after for it's dramatic use of color on traditional forms, often incorporating the Scow family crest the butterfly. He currently works out his studio full time in Cambell River where he lives with his wife and children. His absolute attention to detail and ancestry has made his art pieces highly collectible with both collectors and international galleries.

Sea Monster Mask
Sea Monster Mask
Object Origin:
Rupert Scow
Red Cedar
8 x 6 x 3 in.
Archived Artwork