Raven Spirit Keeper
Manny Georgeson

Rare Raven Spirit Keeper Hamatsa dance mask 
Manny has created this unique Kwakiutl Hamatsa dance mask of the Raven as the spirit keeper in his unique traditional style. His appetite for combining his interpretations with traditional dance regalia is fully evident with this lovely one of a kind Raven spirit keeper mask with full cedar bark dance skirting. Among the spirits entrusted to the Raven and deeply carved into this mask are killerwhale, eagle, dzunukwa, beaver, wolf, sasquatch and shark. Manny has become well known for his ultra traditional masks, totems and rattles. 

Manny Georgeson
Manny Georgeson was born in 1961 in the remote community of Church House, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. This area is representative of the Kwagiulth Nation, a tribe that inhabits the southern and central coast of British Columbia. Born to a Haida mother and a Kwakiutl father, he has been given the Grizzly Bear as the family crest. Manny has apprenticed under master carver, Dwayne Simeon who is also a member of the same nation that specializes in mask and jewelry carving. Manny's unique style reflects both traditional Haida and Kwagiulth motifs and execution. His attention to detail and ancestry has made his pieces highly collectible with both collectors and international galleries. Manny is one of a select few Northwest Coast artists who is preserving the traditions of his ancestors through his artwork and mentoring young artists.

Raven Spirit Keeper
Raven Spirit Keeper
Object Origin:
Manny Georgeson
red cedar, full cedar bark skirt and braiding
31 x 9 x 6 in.
Archived Artwork