Tlingit Ancestor
Janice Morin

Ancestor mask
Enough cannot be said of Randy's breath taking ability to bring to vivid life the legends and myths of the Northwest Coast native culture. Here in glorious display is the spirit of the revered ancestor, who is the spiritual embodiment of all family members who have gone on to the spirit world . 

Janice Morin
Born in Merrit B.C. in 1952, of Salish/Cree parents. Janice and her family moved to Vancouver during teenage years and to her great fortune into the same native Co-op building as the legendary master carver Oppie Oppenheim. He quickly took her into apprenticeship after seeing her original designs and over the course of three years became adept at carving both wood and jewelry. Her artistic career gave way to her devotion of her two children for fifteen years. The second great artistic influence came into her life at this point in the person of her husband and internationally renowned Coast Salish artist Randy Stiglitz. Hand in hand their artist careers have flourished with each being a strong and steadying influence in the other.


Tlingit Ancestor
Tlingit Ancestor
Object Origin:
Coast Salish
Janice Morin
alder wood with cedar bark braiding
12 x 10 x 6 in.
Archived Artwork