Buying From Rob

"Wow is all I can say! What an experience it was for us to open the box, (which by the way was packed like it was supposed to survive being dropped from a plane!) and to see this amazing bentwood box. It is now the proud center piece in our chalet and our many guests almost always comment on it. Thanks again Rob for all your efforts. All the best,"

Ed and Marie, Vale, Colorado.

Buying art through Austdone Gallery is easy. We gladly accept Visa as well as payment through International Money Orders and in some cases PayPal.

International Money Orders
Payment by international money order is straightforward. Just send me the money order and I send you the art. Remember all prices are in US dollars.


PayPal and Bank Transfers
Payment via PayPal and bank transfers can be made through the email address

I encourage you to call me at 604-970-5767 anytime if you have any questions or would simply like to chat about the artwork.

Regards, Rob

Kwakiutl Laughter Mask
Kwakiutl Laughter Mask