About Rob

""I purchased a beautiful bent wood Haida box from Rob several years ago. He really knows and is an expert in this area, and I learned so much from him. I still treasure the Haida box and it is displayed proudly in my home. I felt confident to make this purchase based on Robs expertise and knowledge of this area of art. If you are looking for high quality Northwest Coastal art, I highly recommend Rob!""

Jane Diamond, USA.

It starts with a passion for the art
Growing up the son of a career bush pilot is the foundation of this gallery. I spent countless hours flying with my father during the summers into remote Canadian First Nations communities. Flying throughout both the high Arctic, central and western provinces in my youth whetted my interest in the people, their history, culture and ultimately a passion for their art. Austdone Gallery is the ultimate expression of that passion.

It has grown into a community of interest
Since 1998 I have been working directly with First Nations artists to bring their artwork to galleries, museums, collectors and corporate collections worldwide. I also offer comprehensive acquisition, installation and marketing consultation  for galleries, exhibitions, corporate collections, destination resorts, industry and private collectors. The Austdone Gallery is designed much like a small community, a place for people with a common interest to gather.

Tlingit Ancestor
Tlingit Ancestor